Feature Summary
Feature Description
*Note: Archiving service requires your phone to have packet data service(e.g GPRS, EDGE or 3G). Certain phones also do not support java network API required by MobileDiary.
Mood Icons Select from list of mood icons to pretty up your diary entry
Add Entry For adding new entries to your diary.
Modify Entry For modifying existing entries on the current page.
Register Register for an account to transfer old entries from your phone to your online account(*requires packet data service enable on your phone). Alternatively, you can also register an account here.
Archive Transfers old entries to your online account, and deletes them from your phone, thus freeing up memory on your phone. Use Web Archive feature to access archived entries.
Options For entering/modifying username and password of your account; modify how many entries are to be archived as well as format of timestamp(example: 12h or 24h time format) to be displayed.
Web Archive Invokes the browser on your phone to view your online account. Alternatively, you can also use web browser on your personal computer to access your archived entries here.
Tell A Fren Send a text message to a fren that contains a link to download MobileDiary.
Send Text Message Send a diary entry as a text message.
Search Web Archive Search you web archive using keywords.(*keywords should be longer than 2 letters)