#Android FreeDNS

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FreeDNS can unblock websites by changing DNS of your 3G/4G(*need root) or WiFi

Unblock them using FreeDNS to change the DNS to Google DNS(i.e or or other servers for your 3G/4G(require root) or WiFi connection.

This apps also prompts you if you want to clear your browser’s cache so that it will not mistakenly load the previous blocked webpage notification that was previously sent by your service provider.

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#Android WhatsBFM



Have the name of the song at the tip of your tongue while listening to BFM? Don’t go crazy trying to remember it.

Just open WhatsBFM app and click refresh !

Check the daily programme to see the interesting shows & interviews coming up.

Listen to BFM anywhere through streaming.

**BFM is Malaysia’s only independent radio station, focused on business news and current affairs.

**BFM’s purpose is to build a better Malaysia by championing rational, evidence-based discourse as a key element of good policy decisions.

App untuk geng-geng liberal.

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